Service Overview

A sunroom can be one of the wisest home improvement investments a shrewd home owner can make. Real-estate statistics show that a well-built, properly sized sunroom can return 50 percent of its value immediately and up to or even exceeding 100 percent of its value within 5 years.

What a smart way to add on extra living space in a short period of time. Most sunrooms can be built from the ground up in 3 weeks or less, depending on the size and area to be constructed. Can’t you just see yourself here!

Sunroom Benefits

  • Living Space – Add additional square footage to your house
  • Efficiency – You can enjoy a sunroom year round
  • Customizable – Many options to choose from
  • The View – View the backyard and surrounding areas
  • Extend the Season – Bringing the outdoors in — enjoy all the benefits of being outside

Our sunrooms are manufactured by Crown Windows and Sunrooms, Inc. Sunrooms feature their award-winning Low-E windows. Hire a qualified contractor by calling OutBack Construction at 757.868.1363 today!