My wife and I are extremely happy with the work your company recently did for us. I was impressed from the beginning with your straightforward approach when we first met. After my wife and I finally decided we wanted to add the screened room, you were very patient with us in terms of all the questions we had, our lack of knowledge about how things had to be done…I never felt that you were in any way condescending because of our lack of knowledge…

and were happy to provide us with any information we thought we needed! Your walking us through each step of the entire process was invaluable in our understanding of what would be happening when and what to expect next…Your response to our inquiries when we thought something might not be quite right was very quick and led to a further understanding between you, your workers, and my wife and [me]. I don’t believe that anything else could have been done to insure that our relationship was solid throughout the entire process, and for that I thank you.

Your crew was OUTSTANDING! They answered any questions we had…It become evident very quickly that they were interested not only in getting the job done but in doing it in a careful and methodical fashion so as to insure quality workmanship. It was obvious from the first day when the old deck was being dismantled that those people wanted to do a good job for you and for us and that they took real pride in what they were doing. Quality, quality, quality. That is how I will describe what your company did for us. I do want to thank you for doing such a great job. Again, it was a pleasure dealing with you personally and with your company in general.

Jim D Hampton