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Soothing… Peaceful… Relaxing… Therapeutic… these are just some of the one word descriptions we have heard from customers regarding their sunrooms built by OutBack Construction. In every case, we went to great lengths to ensure a sunroom was the correct product to meet their needs AND that we built the size room to meet their lifestyle and budget.

A sunroom can be one of the wisest home improvement investments a shrewd home owner can make. Real-estate statistics show that a well-built, properly sized sunroom can return 50 percent of its value immediately and up to or even exceeding 100 percent of its value within 5 years. What a smart way to add on extra living space in a short period of time. Most sunrooms can be built from the ground up in 3 weeks or less, depending on the size and area to be constructed. Can’t you just see yourself here!

Our sunrooms are manufactured by Crown Windows and Sunrooms, Inc. Sunrooms feature their award-winning low-e windows, which meet the criteria for thermal efficiencies required by the stimulus bill for a $1500 tax credit through December 31, 2010. Crown has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Standard Features:

  • 3″ thick, expanded poly-styrene insulated vinyl kick panels
  • 1″ double insulated, low-e tempered windows
  • All vinyl coated composite extrusions
  • Interlocking, insulated, aluminum-skin roof panels
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Complete electrical system, including outlets, ceiling fan, and exterior light

OutBack Construction can build your sunroom on virtually any foundation you prefer, with either a gable or shed roof. Every sunroom comes standard with 5-ft-high double-insulated, tempered slider windows. You even have your choice of a 3-ft, full-view steel door; 5-ft slider door; or 6-ft slider door. With three colors to choose from, we can blend with or accent most any home. And the options!!! We have 12″ glass transoms, 24″ glass kick panels, gable glass, re-textured back wall, etc. As in all we do, OutBack Construction will custom design and build your sunroom on site!

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