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Screened Porches

Details…details…details. Everywhere you look in an OutBack Construction screen porch, you will see the attention to detail. From the individually trimmed screen sections to the 1 x 4 trim over the ceiling seams, we give it that extra effort required to go beyond just a screen porch to give you a screen room! Our goal is to make your new screen porch look and feel as if it were an original part of the house.

And don’t think we can’t get a little creative here too! Beaded ceilings, cupolas, and re-textured house walls are just some of the ideas we’ve had in the past…and who knows what the future has in store.

Standard Features:

  • Charcoal fiberglass screen in individually trimmed sections
  • Wire for and installation of ceiling fan and exterior outlet and light (typically flood)
  • Screen under porch to prevent insects from entering from underneath
  • All #1 select pressure-reated yellow pine (composite decking materials are also optionally available)
  • 2 x 6 at 36″ barrier level, notched around support posts
  • Treated plywood ceiling with 1 x 4 trim over seams
  • Continuous vented soffett and ridge
  • Shingles to match existing roof

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